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Diabetes Health Coach
Marc H. BlatsteinMarc H. Blatstein
Marc H. Blatstein has had Type 1 diabetes for over 51 years. He is also one of the Joslin Diabetes Center’s 50-Year Medalists and has a 2-degree black belt in TaeKwon Do.  Marc has spent the last 25 years successfully coaching people how to “Win with Diabetes.” He decided to become a health coach to fulfill his passion for working with children and adults to improve their life with diabetes. Marc is now a Certified Health Coach with a specialty in diabetes and other on-going medical conditions.
Marc received his training from Integrative Nutrition in New York City. He is also a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Institute. Marc has led workshops in diabetes, appeared on radio and television and has been published in various national diabetes publications. He offers both individual and group health coaching.
Marc will show you how to live successfully with diabetes, as he has for over 51 years.
 Diabetes is literally and figuratively in Marc’s blood!
                                     745 Wisteria Drive   -  Warrington, PA 18976
                                              Cell: (215) 852-5094
                                      E-mail: marcb@blatsteinconsulting.com
Extensive background and experience in the chronic disease field with particular emphasis
in diabetes and the numerous health issues related to it, both in the profit and non-profit sectors.   He has spent the last 25 years working actively in the “for profit” sector, launching and running his own companies. Likewise, his contacts in the “non- profit” diabetes realm are equally impressive and vast. Marc pioneered the marketing and sales processes for insulin pumps in the mid 1990’s and his mail order pharmacy was only one of a few that were adept in the sale and education of the insulin pumps and mail order pharmacy medications, medical devices and supplies for people with diabetes.
                                            ACCOMPLISHMENTS & EXPERIENCE
2011- Present         Certified NutraMetrix Consultant
1986-Present           Diabetes Health Coach
2005-Present          Medical Advisory Board- NaturScience
1998-Present           Blatstein Consulting Group, Inc.
                                New business development and consulting.
2000-Present         Global Response- Consultant                                       Margate, FL            
                                Boutique call and fullfillment center.
1998-2000            Animas Corporation - Consultant                                Frasier, PA
                            Manufacturer and distributor of insulin pumps.
1998-2001                            Sun Health Care Group                                                   Albuquerque, NM
      Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Diabetes Division.
¨      Coordinated product/service development, marketing, public relations for
mail-order/full service pharmacy servicing the chronically ill/diabetes
1994-1998                     OMC Home Health Care, Inc. - CEO                           Willow Grove, PA
                                Co-created medical supply company that billed Medicare for diabetes-related
¨      Sold to Sun Health Care Group, Albuquerque, NM in 1998.
1991-1998               Advantage Health Services – CEO                                         Willow Grove, PA
¨      Co-created national mail-order pharmacy company.
¨      One of the first companies to successfully launch distribution of insulin pumps/supplies.
¨      Coordinated product/service development.
¨      Developed/implemented marketing/public relations strategies.
¨      Sold in 1998 to Sun Health Care Group.
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♦    Joslin Diabetes Center 50-Year Medalist
¨      Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Diabetes Control Panel Board Member (1998-present)
¨      Advisory Board Functional Wellness and Sciences Institute (1998-2002)
¨      Diabetes Prevention Council, Thomas Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia, PA (1997-2004)
¨      Center for Advancement in Cancer Education, Bryn Mawr, PA  (1993-1997)
President- 1998-2001, Board Member 1996 to 2002.
¨      Diabetes Education Board, Thomas Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia, PA (1997-2004)
¨      Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Philadelphia Chapter (1991-2001)
·President(1997-1999)                     ·“Volunteer of the Year”(1996)                                            
¨      American Diabetes Association, Eastern Montgomery County Chapter (1993-1996)
¨      Received letter from President Clinton applauding efforts to support genetic research. (1993)
¨    Medical Advisory Board- NaturScience –Florida
¨   Dale Carnegie graduate 1986
¨      “Winning With Diabetes and TaeKwon Do,” Diabetes Sports and Exercise Foundation Newsletter. (September 2001)
¨      “Diabetes and JDF.” The Philadelphia Tribune. (September 1996)
¨      “Keeping Life Sweet.” The Jewish Exponent.  (September 1996)
¨      “Diabetes Activists in Philadelphia.” The Philadelphia Daily News. (November 1993)
¨      “The Can Do’s vs. The Can’t Do’s of Diabetes.” (1993); Winning with Diabetes and TaeKwon Do (2001); Diabetes Saved my Life (2006) Children With Diabetes Foundation
       Website Newsletter. 
¨   “Mr. Tae Kwon Do It.”   Diabetes Wellness News (July, 2005)
¨   “My Doctor told Me I Had A Little Bit of Sugar.” ICNR.Com Website (1999)
 Children With Diabetes, Orlando, FL 2008                       
 Children With Diabetes, Orlando, FL 2007
 NaturScience Conference, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 2006-2007                         
 Children With Diabetes, Orlando, FL 2006                         
 Children With Diabetes, Orlando, FL 2005                         
 Children With Diabetes, Los Angeles, CA 2004                 
 Children With Diabetes, Orlando, FL 2003                         
 Children With Diabetes, Pasadena, CA  2002                      
 Children With Diabetes, Orlando, FL, 2001
 American Diabetes Association, Phila. Chapter 1998-2003
 Doylestown Hospital, Doylestown, PA 1999-2002
 Jefferson Hospital 1 Year Medical Students 2000-2002                        
 Frankford –Torresdale, Hospital, Phila. PA 2000                
 Mercy Haverford Hospital, Haverford, PA, 2000
 4 Life Conference, Utah 1999-2000
 Children’s Hospital of Phila., 1989-1999              
 Jefferson Hospital, Phila., PA 1999               
 Abington Hospital, Abington, PA 1996-1999
 Delmarva Diabetes Educator’s Association, Delmarva, DE 1995-1999
 Bryn Mawr Hospital, Bryn Mawr, PA 1989-1997
 Brandywine Hospital, Brandywine, PA 1994-1997
 Holy Redeemer Hospital, Huntingdon Valley, PA 1992-1999                                     
 Southside Baptist Academy, Phila. PA,1997                                      
 Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Phila., PA, 1996                  
 Pottstown Hospital, Pottstown, PA, 1996                                                
 Lower Bucks Hospital, Langhorne, PA, 1996                       
 Schneider Children’s Hospital, Israel, 1996 
 Jeanes Hospital, Phila., PA 1996-1997
 Temple University School of Pharmacy, 1994-1996                 
 Reading Hospital and Medical Ctr., 1994-1996
 West Jersey Hospital, New Jersey 1994-1995
 Montgomery County Association for the Blind, 1994
 Kiwanis Club of Philadelphia, PA 1994
 Kiwanis Club of Fort Washington, PA 1994
 Forever Young Club, Phila., PA 1993
 St. Joseph Hospital, Lancaster, PA 1993
 Volunteers in the Hispanic Community, 1993-1994
 Riddle Memorial Hospital, Riddle, PA 1993 -1997
 Lions Club of Pennsylvania, 1992-1995
 Rotary Club of Pennsylvania, 1992-1995
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                                          TELEVISION/RADIO APPEARANCES
·  WPVI Diabetes Panel Moderator, 1993                                 ·  “The Role of Holistic Medicine and Diabetes,”
·   “Celebrate Age Expo & Diabetes,”KYW, 1996                            WNMR-AM, 1998
·  “Perspectives PA” with Karen Rogers, WPVI, 1996             ·  “Winning with Diabetes,”Blaine Greenfield,                    
·   Walk for the Cure Interview, KYW, 1996                                    WWFM, August 22, 2002
·   “Winning with Diabetes,” WPEN-AM, 1998                        ·  “The Doctor is In,” Host-Ria Gilday,N.D.,
                                                                                                                 South Jersey FM, 2005
·        Radio Program wi th Janis Rosler,                             
       1440 AM – Florida,February 19,2006                                                            
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