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TSM Primer™ with PQQ
                                           Stem cells
TSM Primer - TSM Primer is am updater and improved version of my original product LimuPlex. TSM Primer increases your energy, strengthens your immune system, improves your focus, concentration and memory. Tens of thousands of clients have used LimuPlex and now are raving of the improved version found in TSM Primer with its many new ingredients supporting telomeres, stem cells, and mitochondria which are not found in the original LimuPlex.  TSM Primer supports youthful aging process through strengthening new stem cells, protecting the telomeres and supporting mitochondrial function. TSM Primer helps to support muscular/skeletal system and joint mobility; aids in the elimination of toxins including heavy metals from the body; supports healthy nervous, endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular and immune systems; promotes hormonal balance and healthy urinary tract; supports healthy skin, hair and nails; restores your body’s composition by increasing lean muscle mass and lowering your fat percentage; helps in reducing your appetite and craving for sweets.
Benefits of TSM Primer™ with PQQ:
Suppots: Telomere length, healthy Stem cells and Mitochondrial function
· Supports mental clarity and function in children and adults
· Supports healthy aging process through strengthening new stem cells, and supporting mitochondrial function
· Helps to support muscular/skeletal system and joint mobility
· Aids in the elimination of toxins including heavy metals from the body
· Supports healthy nervous, endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular and immune systems
· Promotes hormonal balance and healthy urinary tract
· Supports healthy skin, hair and nails
· All natural
· Tastes GREAT (kids love it)
· Special delivery system for quick release and absorption
TSM Primer™ with PQQ:
The ingredients in TSM Primer abound in biophotons – the essence of life. The whole foods in TSM Primer™ including Colostrum, AFA from Blue-Green Algae, Laminaria Japonica, Red Grape Seed and Red Grape Skin, Blueberries, Lotus Seed, Glutathione, and Elderberries are rich sources of nutrients essential for youthful aging, optimum function and perfect form.
Colostrum – the first food that a baby is introduced to. Through colostrum the mother prepares the baby for a life in the world full of germs and other oxidative stress which contribute to illness, aging and ultimately to death. Colostrum contains all information for healthy development, growth and maintenance of the body from beginning to end. This information strengthens the neuroendocrineimmunodigestive system. In addition recent discovery showed that colostrum is the best source on Nitric Oxide, a molecule that protects your cardiovascular system.
AFA Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, a from Blue-Green Algae – has recently been shown to not only modulate immune system but also to enhance the body’s ability to make more and healthier stem cells.
Laminaria Japonica – a special type of brown seaweeds that is a gift from nature to mankind. Laminaria Japonica has been shown to have an unparalleled healing benefit. As pointed out before the benefit of food depends on the amount of biophotons it supplies for the body’s development, growth, maintenance and repair. The component for the miraculous healing properties in Laminaria Japonica is the concentration of a specific fucoidan known as U-Fucoidan. Other healing compounds found in this most beneficial seaweed are antioxidants, including polyphenols, amino acids, essential fatty acids including DHA, essential glyconutrients, organic minerals, vitamins (especially B12), live plant enzymes, alginates for detoxification of heavy metals and laminarin shown to reduce abnormal blood clotting and protection from radiation damage.
Red Grape Skin & Red Grape Seeds—both contain powerful antioxidant called Resveratrol. Resveratrol is a polyphenolic compound found in red wine that is believed to be responsible for its beneficial cardiovascular effects. Another area where Resveratrol has shown to have a powerful impact is calorie restriction. Recent evidence suggests that even when implemented over a short period, calorie restriction is a safe and effective treatment for cardiovascular disease, it improves mitochondrial function, reduces oxidative stress and increases nitric oxide production that are involved in atherosclerosis prevention, blood pressure reduction, attenuation of left-ventricular hypertrophy, resistance to myocardial ischemic injury and heart failure prevention.
Glutathione – a powerful anti-oxidant has been proven in hundreds of scientific studies to support the brain and neurological structure and function. Furthermore, Glutathione level is a reflection of the liver glutathione pool, the lower the liver function the lower the level of glutathione and higher the chance of obesity, diabetic and cardiac disease.