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Queen's Health Center Client Consent Forms &
Educational Forms
Please note all forms and applications are in PDF format, hence it is necessary to print them out and fax them to QHC II prior to your appointment or bring them with you if you are coming to the appointment in person. 
Fax #: 215-721-8836
Gallbladder & Liver Flush PDF.
Below is a picture of possible objects you may eliminate after you do a Gallbladder Liver (GBL) flush.
Coffee Enema Directions PDF
Coffe enema 7 6 2011.pdf (PDF — 98 KB)
Spirulina Enema Directions PDF

Teeth Meridian Chart

Teeth Chart.pdf (PDF — 663 KB)
Thyroid Questionnaire
MEAD and BIA Directions
Healthy Teeth Protocol
healthy teeth.pdf (PDF — 115 KB)
Metagenics First Line Therapy Menu Plan PDF
Metagenics Menu Plan.pdf (PDF — 36 KB)
Apex Child Neurotransmitter & Nutrition Questionnaire (CNNQ) PDF
Apex Health Questionnaire (NTAF) PDF
Apex Metabolic Assessment Form PDF
Helpful Blood Tests
Helpfull Blood Tests.pdf (PDF — 200 KB)
How to read your blood test for Thyroid Markers