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Hologram bands
"Hologram bands are based on solid science and discoveries that began in the 1930's. Technology has finally caught up with the science and now we are proud to bring you these remarkable products. My clients love them because they are easy to use, highly effective, and beat swallowing pills or applying lotions. Simply wear them."
Dr. Ria Gilday, ND
Price: $19.95
Healthy Pet Tags
The healthy Pet Tag conveniently clips directly onto your pet's collar and is digitaly imprinted to help older pets regain their vitality and alleviate their physical ailments.
Healthy tag is intended for pets 4 years and older unless the animal is ill, in which case it can be used for all ages.
Healthy tags last about 1 month.
Price: $19.95
Allergy Releif Pet Tags
Pets like their human owners experience allergies to a variety of environmental substances including chemicals in the air, water and food. The allergy tags will help your pet in reducing the symptoms associated with allergic reactions.
Price: $19.95
Cat & Dog Flea and Tick Pet Tag
The natural, safe, effective and easy way to protect your pets and your family from the pesky fleas, ticks, and other flying insects.
Price: $19.95