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Our Philosophy
earth sorounded by frequencyTrue healing is based on a three-fold approach involving the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. Physical health involves a program of proper diet, adequate exercise, and a nutritional support program. Mental health requires a positive outlook on life, while spiritual health directs us towards a deeper understanding of our connections to the soul, our very essence. If one of these aspects is weak or missing then our health becomes compromised and illness takes hold.
"...Healing is an art rather than a science..."
Healing is an art rather than a science. It requires the tangible as well as the intangible in order to succeed. A healthy person requires a healthy foundation of the physical body, the spiritual body and the mind body. The physical body is sustained by healthy food, exercise, and supplements. The mind is nourished by maintaining a positive attitude toward life, and the soul is sustained by peace and unconditional love.
Yours in caring and sharing,

 Ria Gilday