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Below are the professional brands of supplements we most often utilize during our nutritional evaluations.
In addition we offer home test kits from ZRT Laboratories. These tests can be purchased and samples sent to ZRT Labs. to obtain results of some markers that are important to monitor in order to maintan optimum health.
NOTE: QHC II DOES NOT PERFORM any of the tests in house, nor do we collect samples.

  1. Metagenics
  2. Apex
  3. Standard Process
  4. Premier Labs
  5. Thorn
  6. Dr. CHI
  7. Energetix
  8. Pure Encapsulations
  9. Orthomolecular Labs
  10. Organic Coffee Beans
Home Saliva and Blood Spot Tests
  1. Vitamin D-3
  2. Female Hormones
  3. Male Hormones
  4. Thyroid Profile
  5. Gluten Sensitivity
  6. Cortisol levels
  7. DHEA
  8. Insulin
  9. c-reactive protein
  10. Hemoglobin A1c
  11. Triglycerides
  12. Fertility Profile