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Dr. Ria's Pet Tags
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Dr. Ria's Pet Tags

Just like humans, domesticated animals, like dogs and cats, are affected by the health hazards of modern living: Pollution, poor nutrition, stress and unhealthy lifestyles, which can lead to a variety of illnesses and conditions.
Ginger wearing pet tags
These days, emotional and psychological problems like depression, anxiety, ADHD and behavioral problems are just as prevalent in pets as they are in their owners. Similarly, physical ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, sleep problems, lack of energy, digestive disorders, cystitis, kidney and liver disease, skin disorders, obesity, thyroid dysfunction and other problems are becoming more and more common in domesticated animals.
Bella wearing pet tags
Many, if not most of these conditions, can be prevented by helping your pets to live a healthier lifestyle. For pets already suffering from existing conditions, a combination of lifestyle changes and natural medicine can work wonders! Dr. Ria’s Pet Tags offers a natural solution in the form of “energy medicine”.
While it has its place, conventional medicine for animals has failed our pets in many ways. This has led many pet owners and veterinarians to search for alternatives and to espouse more holistic methods of keeping our pets healthy. Dr. Ria’s Pet Tags offers a product line to help address a wide variety of issues and challenges that face our pets today.
These products come in the form of a small Energy Healing Pet Tag in the shape of a dog bone or cat. Simply place the tag on your pets’ collar.
In the near future energy medicine will become a common alternative to conventional medicine but you don’t have to wait! We have it available for you and your pets TODAY!
Attention: Pet Tags are not designed to treat, prevent or cure any illness. The developers of these products do not intend the use of the products to replace the advice and services of a qualified Veterinarian.
digitally imprinted metal dog tagPet tag for Aging Dogs & Cats
This tag conveniently clips right onto your pet's collar and is programmed to help older pets regain their vitality and alleviate their physical ailments.
This tag is intended for pets 5 years or older unless the animal is ill, in which case it can be used for all ages.
Allergy Pet Tags
digitaly imprinted metal dog tag
Pets like their human owners express allergies to a variety of environmental  substances including chemicals in the air, water and food . The allergy tags will help your pet in reducing the symptoms associated with allergic reactions.
digitaly imprinted metal dog tag
Flea and Tick Pet Tag
The natural, safe, effective and easy way to protect your pets and your family from the pesky fleas, ticks, and other flying insects.
There is no guarantee to completely repel the fleas and ticks. Not even the harshest chemicals applied to your pets will do that. Our pet tags are safe, effective and easy to use. Most of all owners love them as will your pets.
WARNING: Choking Hazard - Small Parts.
The clip may become separated from the tag if not properly secured (or chewed on.) Please inspect the tag and clip regularly to assure it is secured and not damaged.
THE PET TAGS ARE INCREDIBLE ! Dr Ria has a wonderful gift for pets in her Pet Tags. My 10 year old dog, Margarita, had a severe injury years ago, and has had a bad limp since, and looks at you w/pain in her eyes. She wears one of the Pet Tags on her collar, and you can just tell she has much less pain! She has more energy, and her tail wags more since we put on Dr Ria's tag. Her eyes lost that "cloudy white" within just a few weeks of getting her first tag these last her about 2 months or so. We are all so happy to have Margarita feel better, she is the love of our lives!
- Judy Kanthack
Chelsea is a 10-year-old Lewellyn Setter who spent a lot of time bird hunting when she was younger. She had really slowed down and was obviously stiff and had discomfort in her hips, and her eyes were weeping. Since I've been using the large pet tag her eyes are much clearer and her energy level is back up. She now runs with my 2 year old Brittany every morning, is back to hunting rabbits and chipmunks in the yard, and just seems so much happier. The tags seem to work for her for about 2 months.
- Sue D., Westcliffe, Co.
Our Boston Terrier Bella had surgery in April to correct hip dysplasia which her breed is susceptible to.
Bella's recovery was rather slow for a six month old puppy. After just few days of wearing the healthy tag she showed visible improvement in her mobility and overall health. I am thrilled to share Bella's story so that other pets may benefit.
- L.C. Souderton, PA