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What Our Customers Say about TSM Pimer
Hi Dr. Gilday,
My wife loves TSM Primer. She says that since she has started using it she finds her focus and clarity are amazing and also her energy levels are higher. For me I find my energy levels are higher as well. KB, Burmuda
Hi Dr Ria,
   WOW.............I've had this red issue in my Left Inner Eye for probably 5 months.  I've been believing I should go to the Eye Dr. since it wouldn't clear up.  I believe I've been taking the TSM 5 weeks, and today I noticed = my eye looks completely normal.
  You know I muscle test absolutely everything, and by testing "I KNOW THE TSM HAS HEALED MY EYE."   I also know that everything else in my body must surely be getting the same benefits from your awesome TSM.
   Thank You for such an amazing product.
   Judy K. Colorado
I have been experiencing major sweats at night for the past twenty years. When I travel half my clothes are nightgowns, since I need to change every night because the back of my neck including the hair would be soaked and wet.
After being on the TSM Primer for about two months I realized this weekend I did not have to get up during the night and in the morning my hair was dry. In addition I find I am sleeping more soundly and wake up more rested.
I am truly grateful to have been introduced to TSM Primer.
MSS, Newtown, CT
I just had to stop in and tell you Thank You for TSM Primer, I sleep better and wake up with more energy, and this is only after one jar.
SH, Perkasie, PA
Dr. Ria;
Thank you for introducing me to TSM Primer. As you know I used your LimuPlex for years, and then something changed so I stopped using it. Now that I have been using TSM Primer for a few weeks, WOW what a difference. The aroma, the taste and the results are so much better. My skin feels softer and smoother, I have more energy, everyone around me got sick a couple of weeks ago but I feel great! I am glad you shared it with me.
PK, Harleysville, PA
I have had black toe nails for many years. I tried numerous treatments to no avail. After a couple of months taking "TSM Primer" my nails are not a bit discolored.